At Lambda Synthetics we build physical tools for the creation of electronic music. With our instruments, we try to offer you a new approach to live electronics.

On the 23rd of October 2023 the PolyPulse launched on Kickstarter and with help of 34 backers production will start in 2024.

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The PolyPulse

The PolyPulse is an algorithmic performance workstation which combines the playfulness and performability of physical instruments with the precision and sonic detail of digital music production techniques into a single package!

PolyPulse production prototype

Its 5 tracks each have an algorithmic sequencer, a polyphonic sound engine of your choice, customizable audio effects chain and morphing touchpad. The algorithmic sequencer allows you to easily create long evolving rhythms and melodies. With the touchpads you can fluently morph between four presets per track to create expressive and dynamic changes in sound and texture.

The PolyPulse has four audio inputs which can be sampled, and has eight audio outputs allowing for various routings including individual outputs per track or spatialized multi-speaker setups. It can be synced using MIDI, sample accurate clock signals and it even talks Open Sound Control. MIDI can be used to sequence external synthesizers and with CC messages you can morph sounds on your favorite synthesizer module!

More info can be found on Kickstarter.

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