At Lambda Synthetics we build physical tools for the creation of electronic music. With our instruments, we try to offer you a new approach to live electronics.

The particular way an algorithm is implemented, the mapping of a parameter to a physical control, or how data flowing through the CPU is visualized; it all matters and contributes to the music we create. By testing the real-world applications of our designs on stage and in cooperation with performing musicians we build technology that contributes to contemporary and future music.

Currently we're working hard on the PolyPulse, our first instrument which will be presented at Superbooth 2023, at booth Z250.

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The PolyPulse

... is an unconventional standalone performance workstation for the musician who isn't afraid to experiment.

Prototype of the PolyPulse

Key features

  • 5 track standalone performance workstation
  • An intuitive interface to create complex (poly) rhythms and melodies
  • Sound morphing interface controlled by touchpads
  • Multiple polyphonic synthesis/sampling engines
  • Multichannel audio effects

The instrument is still under development. The feature set and physical construction is subject to change.

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